University professor seen wearing a Brighton coat in class

Alex Caparelli, a university professor in the city of Maringá, in southern Brazil, was seen wearing a coat and showing off a Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. shirt. He starts his class by presenting the club’s shirt, and mentions the club throughout the class. In the first minutes of the presentation 00m32s, in the minutes 14m57s, 30m01s of the video and at the end.

“I learned to like Brighton H.A. because of my brother Erick, who lives in the city. He gave me a shirt for the team many years ago, when it didn’t even have that much worldwide expression. From then on, I began to appreciate and watch all the games on television. I’m a fanatical fan.” Alex points out. “I have a dream of getting to know the club, watching a game at the stadium and winning a game shirt, I will still go there”.

Alex Caparelli has been a university professor for 21 years, with a background in administration, specialties in marketing and business management. He teaches in the administration course and in the advertising course at Faculdade Santa Maria da Glória in his city. Professor Alex Caparelli declares himself a Brighton fan during class. He has a brother who has lived in the English town for at least 20 years.

The Professor is also a digital influencer, he has 2 youtube channels, one is the one we are referring to: ( and the other is a university variety channel in the management area: ( “I would be very happy if Brighton fans invaded my media and started to follow me, enjoying my programs, it would be hilarious”.

By: From Planeta Marketing. 12/13/2022.

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